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Spektrum Iran 1-2016 – Djihad-Perspektiven eines Begriffs

Summarys – Spektrum Iran 1-2016 – Djihad-Perspektiven eines Begriffs
Djihad – Stein des Anstoßes

Peter Antes


According to Peter Antes, Jihad is too dazzling to consider the terms ›effort, struggle, commitment, diligence‹ towards virtues, most likely on the path to God or in favor of the religion of islam. Muslims differentiate between the small and the great Jihad. In the islamic mystic the great Jihad basically means a spiritual fight against the striving spirit, in the political movement a commitment towards good deeds like the abatement of economic backwardness of a country, or the commitment for the implementation of democracy, freedom and women‘s rights. The small Jihad is directed towards the outside. It includes military conflicts. It is into this context that the expansion as the holy war, politization of the term Jihad and its use in Salafism and Jihadism belong today. All these facts give rise to the necessity of a public debate in the West and among the majority of the Muslims, as the negative reaction of islamic theologists referring to the interpretation of Jihad of the Caliph of the islamic Republic shows.