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Spektrum Iran Guidelines for authors


Submission of papers

The editorial board requests authors to submit contributions to the Spektrum Iran in digitized form (required format: Word, preferably also as PDF file). Formatting should be restricted to the minimum. Unicode should be used as standard for encoding texts with diacritics or non-Latin script systems. Articles (including bibliography and abstract) must not exceed the maximum length of 6000 words, reviews 2000 words (in each case including footnotes and spaces!). Reviews deal with one title only. An English abstract and keywords must proceed each article. Transcription Arabic and Persian scripts must adopt the “DMG-Umschrift”.



The titles of the books and articles should be in italics, and the emphases should be formatted in italics as well, but used sparingly. Bibliography and modes of citation Bibliographical data should be cited as in the following examples:

– Monographs:

Hermann, G. Persische Urkunden der Mongolenzeit: Text und Bildteil, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2004

– Contributions to Collective Volumes:

Röhrborn, K. „Zum manichäischen Einfluß im alttürkischen Buddhismus“, In: Emmerick, R. E. u. a. (Hrsg.), Studia Manichaica. IV. Internationaler Kongreß zum Manichäismus, Berlin, 14.–18. Juli 1997. Berlin: 2000 (Berichte und Abhandlungen, hrsg. von der BerlinBrandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Sonderband 4), S. 494–499

– Articles in journals:

Gaube, H. „Die Traditionelle Wasserversorgung von Kashan”, Spektrum Iran Nr. 1, 2018, S. 1-17

Publications of one author in the same year should be distinguished by adding small letters to the year of publication, to be cited as 2018 a, 2018 b etc.

For articles which are shorter than 6000 words, full references should be cited in the footnotes, and bibliography is not needed at the end of the paper. But for lengthy articles, references come shortly in footnotes (for instance: Gaube 2018, p. 15), and a bibliography at the end of the paper is required.


The Arabic-Persian Alphabet (Unicode): DMG Transcription

Das arabisch-persische Alphabet

Das arabisch-persische Alphabet2

Date: June 2018