Authors Guide

For the kind attention of the honorable writers:


The content of the article should be relevant to the subject field of the journal

Articles are published under the condition of being research papers and documented

The articles should not exceed 20 pages (300 pages per page).

The submitted article should contain an introduction, proper chapters, result and a bibliography, and typed.

Submitted article should include the following sections:

  • Farsi abstract of the article, At least 100 and a maximum of 150 words, and if possible the same quantity of English abstract.
  • Persian Key words: at least 3 and maximum 6 words
  • Determination of the author’s scientific rank.
  1. All references should be moved to the footer and should not be placed inside the text.
  2. Insert order in footnote: book name, Volume Number and page number.
  3. The list of references must be appear at the end of the article, in alphabetical order, as follows:
  • For the book: The name of the book, the author’s surname and name, interpreter, place of publication, publisher, print order, and date of publication.
  • For the article: Article title, name and Surname of the author, name of the publication, year of the publication and magazine number.
  1. The submitted article should not be published in any internal or external publication.
  2. The Journal is free to summarize and edit the content.
  3. The article must be typed in Lotus font, size 14 and all the titles must be bold.
  4. Writers are required to refrain from submitting articles that are not provided in the style sheet; only papers that are written and submitted in a style sheet are merely evaluated.
  5. After the acceptance and publication of the article, its copyright is reserved for the publication and the author of the article is not permitted to publish it elsewhere.
  6. The articles in the journal reflect the thoughts and views of the authors and the publication is not responsible for it.
  7. Articles will be received exclusively through the journal’s database and articles sent via mail or email will not considered.
  8. Acceptance of the article will be noticed to the author after the completion of the refereeing and editorial process and the final approval of the editorial board by the secretariat of the journal.