Principles of publication of the article

Principles of publication of the articles in Iran’s Spectrum magazine

This publication will publish articles containing genuine data according to topic. The editorial board always welcomes to receive the research results by professors, scholars and experts. Researchers who are eager to publish their articles in this publication are encouraged to notice the following clauses:


Principles related to the Quarterly:

  1. The personal information of the authors of the articles should be strictly confidential with an indefinite life from all the persons who have access to it, such as the editor, the editorial staff, the editorial board and the executive director of the journal, and other active agents (other than the relevant author), such as reviewers, advisers, editors and publishers .
  2. Decisions on articles will be taken regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity, citizenship, or political philosophy of the writers at any stage.


Principles related to the honorable writers:

  1. Articles must be the outcomes of the studies, experiments and researches of the author or authors himself.
  2. Special consideration should be given in mentioning the author and its coworkers and the absence of unrelated names.
  3. Other sources of support for publications should be clearly identified in the manuscript submission to avoid any compromise in impact factor
  4. The articles must not be published previously in any internal and external publications or seminars and scientific assemblies or have not been submitted simultaneously to other journals. Till three months after submitting the article to this quarterly, please refrain from sending it to another magazine. Otherwise, the article will not be considered and further any collaboration with the author will be refused as well.
  5. If the author has noticed any error or inaccuracy in his article, he must immediately inform the publication and either amend it or retrieve the article.
  6. The original copy of the rejected or revoked articles will be deleted from the Quarterly Journal after six months and the quarterly will not be responsible for it.
  7. Quarterly is free to reject or accept, edit, summaries or correct the articles.


Principles related to the honorable judges

  1. The selected arbitrators must immediately inform the following issues to the editor just after the preliminary examination:
  • Fail to review the article due to irrelevancy of the subject of the article with the field of work of the referee or lack of time, etc.
  • Refereeing with delay due to the busy schedule, lack of access to sufficient facilities, etc.
  1. Reviewing articles must be based on scientific evidence and reasoning and clearly presented and provide the documents to publications and authors , and refrain from declaring personal religious, racial or any other opinions in the refereeing process of the articles.
  2. Attention to the resources used in the article is among other duties of the judges. All research papers, topics and citations mentioned in the article should be accompanied with full reference in the bibliography.
  3. Referees are not required to judge the articles in which any individuals, institutions or any specific companies’ interests or personal relationships are observed.