Goals and Prospects of the Journal

Quarterly journal “Iran Spectrum”

“Spectrum Iran” is a quarterly magazine published by Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Germany since 1988.

The purpose of this quarterly publication is to introduce the Islamic culture and civilization of Iran based on scientific methods for audiences and enthusiasts, centers of Iranianology and Islamology in German-speaking areas (Germany, Austria, Switzerland in the form of particular countries), and academic-educational institutions and German-language libraries Across the world.

The topic categories that this journal is interested to adapt are articles related to Iran’s culture and civilization, Islam and Shi’ism, which include the following topics:

– History (Iran before Islam, Islamic Iran, Shia history)

– Philosophy and theology

– Art and thought

– Cultural and social studies

Due to its linguistic and specific features, as well as the continuity of its activities, and despite of many ups and downs, spectrum of Iran has been considered one of the original research sources, which in addition to the task of introducing the culture and civilization of Islamic Iran, is trying to offer space for study and scientific research works on Iran, in the German-speaking world.

The current editorial board of this Quarterly intends to represent a new approach to the publication, whose first audiences are departments of Islamology, Iranology and Orientalism alongside the philosophy and culture of German universities, as well as some other European and American universities, introducing Islamic culture and civilization of Iran, Shia and the discourse of the Islamic Revolution, and the explanation of the scientific and educational environment of contemporary  Iran in the field of human studies based on scientific activity.

This internet footage which is written in German language contains all the articles in the Quarterly of Iran’s Spectrum since its inception in 1988, as “full text.” This step seems to be a good opportunity for German-speaking scholars to access the articles of 35-years-old.

Title of the publication: Iran Spectrums

First language edition: German

First year of publication: 1988

ISBN Number: ISSN 0934-358X

City and Country Place of publication: Berlin-Germany

Publisher: Cultural Counseling.  Iran – Berlin

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Ahmadali Heydari

Managing Director of the Journal: Dr. Younes Nourbakhsh

Publication periodicals: Quarterly (4 figures per year)